Run Mouse Run’s style for branding is best suited for businesses that want to communicate their company spirit and personality. All the logos below were created by Run Mouse Run!

Run Mouse Run offers the unique skill of illustration and has over 10 years of graphic design and marketing experience creating small scale materials like business cards and flyers, large scale advertising campaigns and materials formatted for online and social media.

Featured Brand Projects

Funky Fryz was a concept restaurant in Joondalup (2014). It had incredible “wow factor” due to its interior design and brand personality. I was involved in the customer strategy and branding (creating print and online materials and a wall mural). Play video above.

Banyan Creative was Run Mouse Run’s first ever client. Their colourful illustrative brand has withstood the test of time, as they continue to use their brand heroes as the spokespeople of every communication tool. Play video above.


I’ve created the brand look for many varied business including boutique online stores, small business and services, as well as production and entertainment companies.

Click on a logo to see the my showcase for each of these brand projects.




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