This cast of close friends are dotted all around the world, but captured here together as a group, each with their personal idiosyncrasies!
Watch the video to see how they reunited and recreated this caricature!


The caricature was revealed to Tracey’s unsuspecting friends on Facebook. Here were their reactions:

Vivian said:
Awwwww, this is awesome Michael! Miss you all xox

Michael said:
That is spot on! I love how Patty is arguing even though nobody is actually listening. That’s awesome! I forget how disproportionately large my head is sometimes

Patrick said:
Michael, this is brilliant. Well done!!! That’s just the classic Tracey stance…

Joe said:
Thanks for the flattering pic. Magic gift. Classic!

Aaron said:
This is amazing – where can I get it?

Kelly said:
Love it- Michael can I buy a print from you?


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