November 1, 2015

Mnemonics Workshop helps students think in pictures!

Mike visited Applecross Senior Highschool for Science Week 2015 to present a mnemonics workshop that put a lesson about the digestive system into comic illustrative form.


When I was a student, my study notes consisted of images, scribbles, diagrams and mind maps. I found that it was an easy way to recall information in exams and classroom tests.

Run Mouse Run’s Mnemonics Workshop introduces students to memory technique to help the brain better record and receive information.

Based on the Picture Superiority Effect which suggests that mnemonic devices like pictures are more easily remembered than words, the workshop takes students through the technique of using diagrams and images to visually organise information in their memory.

Workshops are fun, engaging and beneficial for students who find they are struggling with learning techniques. Workshops priced at the ACA standard $220 per hour (with additional costs for lesson preparation if required).

Contact Mike to talk about an appearance at your school.

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