February 3, 2015

You could get caught in the Mousetrap!

Are you a Facebook follower of Run Mouse Run and are active on social media?

YOU could be next to be caught in Run Mouse Run’s Mousetrap! The Mousetrap is a Facebook game for Run Mouse Run’s loyal supporters, partners and friends.

Here’s how you play: When Run Mouse Run’s Facebook page turns black, the game is about to begin. If a FREE caricature is drawn of you and placed in the mousetrap, you have limited time to appeal to your Facebook friends to LIKE Run Mouse Run’s Facebook page.

If you achieve the set the amount of LIKES before the Cat comes, your caricature will be released from the Mousetrap and given to you as your prize!

Like Run Mouse Run’s Facebook Page today – and you could be next! Beware of the cat!

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