Rate Card


Pricing of services usually happens on a case by case basis, due to the differing detail and volume of projects.

The prices on this page are the Australian standard rates for cartoons, illustrations, caricatures, workshops and live drawing. While Run Mouse Run bases prices on Australian standards, they are not necessarily a price for your project. Please contact Mike to discuss your project and your budget.


Run Mouse Run offers senior services of graphics, marketing/branding, digital services and creative/art direction. Rates for these services start at $80.00 per hour.


These Australian Cartoonists Association recommended rates are a guide only and are devised from the standard freelance rate issued by the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

B&W spot cartoon: $220
B&W half page:  $280
B&W full page:  $440
Colour half page: $840
Colour full page: $1680
Colour Cover: $2015
Caricatures: See Price List page


Live Drawing: $220 per hour
Workshops: $220 per hour
Workshop Day Rate: $800 per day
Events non-business: $150 per hour

Prices are at 27 June 2018. All prices are subject to change.

Working with Run Mouse Run

There are certain rules and regulations concerning commissioning and working with Australian artists. These include areas of copyright, ownership and usage. To fully understand your rights and obligations make sure you visit Run Mouse Run’s Terms & Conditions page prior to commissioning.

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