April 14, 2017

Retro Run Mouse Run!

FOUND! A ten year old Run Mouse Run blog website that I had completely forgotten about! Things have changed since 2007 Рbut Run Mouse Run is still my happy place in cyberspace:

Sometimes it’s great to reflect back on your earlier work and see how differently you do things now. When you are an artist, writer, photographer or film-maker, you are always picking up new skills and working with new technology and materials that evolve your style.

I stumbled across an old blog style website I had created in 2007 Рforgotten and sitting in a digital elephant graveyard  (I have also forgotten the password, so I have no idea how I will ever get this down). It shows some of my past work. I used to use paints and charcoal, and was not creating my caricatures digitally. Visit

It all seems very primitive to me now. Though my style has evolved, it’s still the same friendly and happy subjects. My work was never grungy or negative and focused on capturing joyful occasions, projects and characters.

Whatever the time, style or skill, Run Mouse Run was and still is my happy place! I hope it has been a happy place for my clients, family and friends too!

run mouse run