Storyboards & Animation

Moving pictures have to begin with a picture. The better the picture to start with, the better everything moves along!

Depending on what your animation is for, your audience will have different expectations on what they need from them however they always expect to be amused and entertained.

Run Mouse Run is happy to guide you through the animation process! Beginning with ideas and scripting, we can move on to transforming your message into storyboards and illustrations specific for animation. While directing animators to make your product come to life, Run Mouse Run can connect you with music, studios, sound and talent.

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The Process

Run Mouse Run brings a unique experience in tv/video production to this part of the process.
A cartoonist can bring a storyboard to an exceptional level much quicker.

Depending on the level of animation or storyboards, each project has a unique cost. Contact Mike in the online form below to begin a conversation about your animation.


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