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Australian Artists
Michael Nicholas (Run Mouse Run) is a previous board member of the Australian Cartoonists Association. This business adheres to the standards, conditions and laws made for artists in this country.

Artwork on this website
Artwork displayed on this website is owned by Run Mouse Run and cannot be reproduced without permission. Intellectual property is the creation of the artist, and copyright exists for a reason. Only the creator of the work has the right to reproduce, publish, and communicate to the public that work without a licence or assignment of copyright. Ignorance of the law is not accepted and punishable with fines. If you publish a cartoon online, you must pay the creator for the use of that cartoon.

It takes decades for our talented cartoonists to get to the level of skill you see today. If you have published a cartoon on your website and not paid appropriate copyright to the creator, take a moment to find out your obligations from
Just because you have commissioned an original work does not mean you hold the Copyright. The Australian Cartoonist Association recommends all artists retain copyright of their works.

Ownership of artwork
Copyright is automatic to the artist under the Copyright Act 1968. Ownership of original artwork does NOT automatically go to the client unless the artist transfers copyright by agreement prior to commissioning. Make sure to visit the Australian Copyright Council and the Arts Law Centre of Australia to fully understand your rights and obligations.

Usage Agreement
If clients wish to use the same artwork for future project ventures, profit-making exercises, marketing and online, they must discuss a usage agreement with Run Mouse Run. Run Mouse Run can offer different licenses for use, e.g. exclusive, non-exclusive, 12 months, 2 years or perpetuity.


Working files and finished art files
Run Mouse Run does not handover the working files of artwork, graphic design or video.
Run Mouse Run does not allow finished artwork to be manipulated (by client or another artist) or used in a way that is damaging to the reputation of Run Mouse Run.

Quoting & Payment
Projects are quoted based on the current brief at hand.
Note: The price quoted at the beginning of a project may change if a change of direction or additional work beyond scope is introduced by the client. For projects of a large time frame, 50% payment is required upon commencement of project and the remaining fee upon completion.

Cancellation Fees
If a client cancels a work in progress or rejects a finished artwork for reasons unrelated to the artist’s performance, Run Mouse Run has a right to compensation. The amount is based on the stage at which the project is cancelled.

Run Mouse Run reserves the right to showcase artwork and projects for clients on this website and social media.

Partners & Contractors
If you are a contracted by Run Mouse Run, you agree to work under the banner and name of Run Mouse Run for that project. The projects brought to you are Run Mouse Run’s clients and their first right to showcase as agreed to by its client. You cannot display work for Run Mouse Run on your websites, online folios, social media and similar without permission from Run Mouse Run. Run Mouse Run will usually grant permission with conditions of appropriate reference.


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