January 2, 2017

This is a community too!

For 5 years, I have been the cover artist for the Town of Cottesloe Sustainability Calendar. I love this community project – it’s a free handy year calendar for Cottesloe residents with local information and ideas for environmental conservation.

I have a reenergised appreciation for nature for two reasons:

One, nature plays a big role in healing your body and soul. Conserving and tendering your natural environment gives you personal health benefits, aiding physical and mental illnesses. I cannot recommend grounding meditations enough, aligning yourself with the earths energy for serenity. This is a good one from The Honest Guys.

Secondly, thanks to some of the information within these calendars, I began to really appreciate how much we can disrupt our local ecological community. The plants, animals and other organisms interact in a unique habitat in your gardens and neighbourhoods – it’s a community too!

Enjoy a view of my gallery of calendar covers below from the last 5 years, each with it’s own sustainable community theme:

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