February 9, 2016

Why I love this movie!


Disney Pixar movies never really miss the mark. They are always brilliantly animated and cleverly written.

Many movies have inspired me over the years, but Inside Out (2015) has actually changed my way of thinking on the subject of emotion.

It’s great that the nicer hemisphere of the social media world shares a lot of inspirational and motivational quotes, images and thoughts of the day. They tell us to be grateful, present and most of all… happy. I even adopted the company motto Create Happiness! It was given to me by my business mentor Steve Bowler (People Solutions) and I use it in my daily business intentions.

The danger for impressionable types is that they may develop a distorted interpretation of this constant advice for happiness… ‘If you are not happy all the time, there must be something wrong with you’.

Inside Out brings us into the inner world and mind of a girl named Riley. Here her basic emotions: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust are running a computer console of sorts in her brain that determines Riley’s actions and personality.

The lead character, Joy (the happiest of emotions) is a workplace control freak who insists that Riley must be happy all the time and that the other emotions are not as helpful to her overall well being, particularly Sadness.

Without giving the details of the film away, it’s evident that all the emotions have a place within Riley after all.

What I love about Inside Out is its message: All emotions are valid!

Anger is something many of us have had an issue with. Like most of us, I have been guilty of releasing it at the wrong time, at the wrong person or in the wrong way. How many of us have had a bad day, come home and taken it out on our families? Or reacted too quickly in an email or text that you wish you could recall.

What I have learned about anger is that it can be useful if used in the right way. My personal idea of anger is that it is like energy. Energy cannot be destroyed, so if someone makes you angry, you now carry anger until you get rid of it somehow.

My time at Luke Dimasi’s Conan Fitness taught me that anger could be useful in physical activity. Being fired up for a gym session, boxing class, or a rigorous run or swim can help you release that anger in a way that actually benefits your body and provides that extra mental strength! You can return after your training to the same situation in a better emotional state.

Fear is another emotion that is hard to negotiate with. I was explaining recently to a friend that when I have made public presentations and appearances (depending on the scale of the event), I have been nervous beforehand. As soon as it’s time to step out, I am fine, comfortable and somehow adopt the gift of the gab.

So I explained to my friend that I should probably just drop the fear if I know that I’m usually fine in the face of these situations. But my smart mate advised that this is probably my process of mental rehearsal and imagined PLAN B’s that ensures I am prepared and top peak for the actual moment.

The problem with fear is that we often associate it with weakness and cowardliness. It is not enough linked to safety, preparation, agility and appropriate apprehension.

Same can be said for anger, clumped up with violence and aggression instead of unstoppable determination, ambition and strength.

Then there is Sadness, a central character in Inside Out.

I have found that moments of sadness in your life can lead to profound realisation and decisions. Therefore sadness is an emotion we can use with reflection and strengthen our resilience instead of indulging in the easier activity of remaining in a sad state of mind.

Luke Dimasi’s coaching sessions taught me the art of changing the meaning of something so it will benefit you. Inside Out’s profound illustration on emotion is a perfect example.

I recommend this movie to any parent whose child is at the impressionable stage and picking things up from stories they are seeing on screen. It has a great message that will sit in their memory of movies until they are old enough to appreciate it. It is also a brilliant, creatively animated mind-map of the human brain!

Awesome! Watch the Trailer.

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